Transfer of physical invalidity to objects of daily use

Malfunction is usually avoided in design and art. A designed object should always be complete and perfectly well-engineered. Imperfection however is a spring of creativity. Deviations from the conventional, which are usually perceived as defective, often develop into something truly new and unknown. The idea of invalidity served as designing strategy to change familiar use or to create completely new functions. Our approach therefore doesn’t deal with the healing or care of invalid or defective things, but with the alteration of the malfunction into something positive. A defective object becomes an object that is complete in another way.
We added impediments to objects which affected their distinctive features by transferring distinguishing marks of invalidity to them. Just like broken bones can change the structure of a skeleton, a malfunction in the structure of an object can change its use and function Our aim was to award disability a new meaning thereby upvaluating it.

It is essential to unmask normality as pure average for after all it is the expected, the familiar and the unspectacular. And who wants to design “ordinary” objects? There will always be the fear of the unknown, however, there will always be the desire for the excellent and the aspiration towards individuality. Our objects contain the acceptance and approval of imperfection.


Impressum | Design & Copyright 2007 © Nina Farsen, Isabel Schöllhammer